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whipped cream by bustour//
It’s absurd how you refuse to come see me after a workout because you think I might find you unattractive. You need to understand that I love you most when you’re in an old sweatshirt, humming to yourself and pouring vanilla milk for me, because that’s how I want you. I want you exactly as you are. I want you for your stubbornness and for your unsatisfiable desire to learn things. I want you for all the hours you spend your nose buried in DC comics. For all the places you’ve been and all the mouths you’ve kissed. I want you exactly as you are. Nothing you do could make me love you any less. -But you think you’re difficult to love. (via twentyeighth-ofmarch)

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I gave you everything.
Everything I had to give -
I’m not talking possessions, sex, or attention.
I’m telling you that I ripped myself open for you,
And gave you all of me.
I’m telling you, I’ve never done that for anyone.
I’m telling you, if that wasn’t enough,
I have nothing left to give. -(via xchloe)


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Words of Emotion

where are the notes this is beautiful

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This is amazing
Make that tea or hot cocoa ☕️
Ooooh October how I’ve missed you 😘🎃



who was the asshole that decided tattoos looked unprofessional 

the generation that did is dying out so don’t worry

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This is my life hands down


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